Imprint Concrete

We have designed and installed numerous imprint concrete driveways in Kent over the years. An imprint concrete driveway can be really beautiful and practical when it is installed by a concrete contractor properly.

JD Drivestyle offer a wide range of design options and colours that are available with imprint concrete as its malleable and can be shaded to any colour. The patterns that be chosen are endless. Imprint concrete can even mirror paving patterns if you so choose, at less cost of what an actual driveway done with paving would be. Giving you the look of a driveway done with paving but without the added cost.

It can be used on a driveway or patio surface. It is suitable for all types of vehicles including heavy goods vehicles. Any driveway done with imprint concrete is a long term surface giving you a  durable finish.


Each imprint concrete driveway is hand tailored to the client. It can be done in such a way to be unique to your own home while serving just as practical as any high quality paved or tarmac driveway.

If you are thinking of using imprint concrete for your own home, give us a call. JD Drivestyle can come out with our portfolio of previous work, highlighting the different patterns. The colours can play a significant factor with how it contrasts with your home. We can advise you on how the colour will interact and how we can tone it down or make it really stand out.

If imprint concrete is installed correctly, making sure it is installed to the correct depth, frost proofed and properly mixed, It can be truly a beautiful finish to any house. With JD Drivestyle, you have the right contractor.